We have commited to the development of Z2 type steel tank for Zephyr 750 from1998 and we also have been providing our Zephyr Series「Z2 STYLE」for our domestic marketing so far.
On the other hand, for the past 7 years, OLD AND NEW STOCKS has endeavored to put effort on our Z reproduction parts from very beginning and also on Zephyr series parts. And here is their information as below.

zephyr old and new stocks

Dominique BLANDIN is the Manager.

Website : www.oldandnewstocks.com
email : nos.domy@gmail.com
phone : +33 6 29 60 00 49

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/SocieteNewsOldStocks/
Facebook page specialized KAWASAKI managed by Dominique BLANDIN and Jean Pierre GUENINCHAULT:

We haerd that they are also working on creating a YouTube chanel exlusively for events of 2020, latest info, and sale promotion. Let’s look forward to it.
And not just for Zephyr parts, please reach to OLD AND NEW STOCKS if you are interested in other Doremi Collection parts.