We are so grateful for receiving so many inquiries regarding the Doremi Collection CB TYPE-X since it was announced at the Tokyo Motor Show.
As announced in the media such as magazines, the price of the unpainted exterior set is currently 300,000 yen, and the painting cost with the front fender of the same color as the vehicle body is 100,000 yen. And we are currently making small parts.
Please give us some more time until the release.

Firstly, let's compare the fuel tanks





Since the TYPE-X fuel tank was reproduced basde on the shape of the CBX400F, overall it has a thinner style comparing other fuel tanks of the CB400SF.
In addition, the inner side of the fuel tank is designed in a shape that is compatible with the refueling equipment of each model of CB400SF, and that’s how it realized a lower cost by making all one type.
The fuel tank is made of double-sided galvanized steel sheet and is manufactured in Japan. “

Here we compare the seats. We also compare it with the CBX400F.




The TYPE-X seat is faithfully reproduced the shape of the CBX400F seat and the pattern of the skin, but the overall length is longer than the normal seat of the CB400SF removed. The TYPE-X sheet in the image is a specification with the front and rear sheet sponges, but we are also preparing a specification with less removal of the rear part.

We still need some more time before the date we start taking reservation of TYPE-X, but we are making good progress as we go through the process of bringing the details closer to the CBX400F. We fully utilize our reproducibility cultivated along the way while making reproduced parts, we are approaching toward the production of TYPE-X complete product.